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Medium boxes 60x40x35cm (per pack of 25) *

SKU: 0002
CHF150.00 Regular Price
CHF60.00Sale Price
  • 590x410x360 - DF 20

    Box for mixed use: moves of individuals or companies.
    Reinforced groove for better resistance to vertical compression when stacking cartons (stacking).
    Provided with a cartridge on the side of the carton with identification of the parts.
    The LNE stamp guarantees quality that is followed and respected.
    Easy assembly.

    Moving boxes delivered flat.

    Note to individuals:
    More than an alternative to standard boxes, these reinforced moving boxes will be complementary to them. Their more solid constitution will better suit your heavier or more fragile business and objects; similarly, each carton will better withstand the pressure of heavier cartons on top. This is why we called it "reinforced standard cardboard": for its very wide use possibility, for any risky supply which does not necessarily require specific moving boxes (books, dishes, etc.).


    *Non contractual photo

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